Developer First

To be to eCommerce, what Stripe is to online payments

Commerce is movement of goods from point A to B. But between A and B, it can take various forms of varying complexity. Own inventory vs marketplace, centralized vs decentralized, movement of payment is bottom-up vs. top-down, Prices controlled vs. free market pricing etc. Now startups and businesses of all sizes don’t have to spend months of development effort in developing their ecommerce system. Using Prokure, they can link their databases to Prokure, and within couple of hours can create their ecommerce system of any sophistication that their business model demands.Frontend is fully customizable if they need to customize the user experience.

Access Type and Order Flow

Who sees whose product in your ecommerce system, Whose order will go where. From which warehouse should a particular user’s order be fulfilled? Is it hierarchical, geographical or a pre-defined mapping? Using Prokure you can take care of all the cases. While we have only created a UI for a case one of users asked for, in the backend it’s completely customizable.

Custom Keywords & Aggregation

Create any number of custom keywords, add values to it and aggregate the products according to it (for e.g keyword can be “Color” and values can be “red” “blue” and “green” and you can aggregate the products by color in your homepage). Filters across the app will update with the keywords you add. You can add custom icons to these keywords and you can merge keywords together too. With this, you can make discovery of products fully tailored to your business. Some businesses have thousands of SKUs while some others have only a handful. Smart use of keywords can reduce product discovery problems much lesser.

Layout Engine

With layout engine you can customize all the layouts in your app real-time with very minimal development overhead. We developed this feature for internal use when we were an eCommerce business. It was a giant waste of time to make developers change layouts. With the layout engine, even our non-tech business staff could update the layouts according to their needs.