Powerful B2B Features

Product Upload

Upload your inventory either on at a time or in bulk, Doing it on mobile is as simple as making a facebook post.

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Buyer Addition

Add all your customers in one go. Shifting all your customers to a new business platform can’t get easier than this

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Staff Addition

Create role based profiles for your staff (delivery, sales, catalogue manager, support etc)

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Pricing Rules

B2b commerce is characterized with complex pricing and margin rules varying across the supply chain. Manage it it all, to any degree of granularity your business requires

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Geography Cluster

Create geographical clusters of your customers according to state, district and zip codes, to better manage your business. Managing pricing rules, warehouses, order flow, notifications all becomes easier with geographic clusters.

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Order Flow

Your business model could take varying forms. Marketplace, own inventory, drop shipping, hybrid of any of these etc. Customize your order flow to suit your business model.

Themeing & Customisations

Choose from a standard set of themes or customize the whole layouts according to your needs. All realtime without the need of any app updates.

Keywords & Aggregations

Add custom keywords according to your product catalogue needs, and aggregate your products according to them (Filter and categorise products according to those keywords). Makes it much easier for customers to discover the right product


Accounting softwares, payment gateways, logistics aggregators, email and sms services, call center and support softwares, existing erp solutions-integrations with all other business softwares that you use

Expanding your business

Expand your business to newer geographies and categories. Now you can easily serve customers who were beyond your reach before. We also provide verified contacts of businesses for you to reach out and onboard on your B2B platform

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Manage Orders
Placing an Order

No more of those mundane B2B sourcing processes. Placing an order is as simple as placing an order in Amazon. All this, while the complex b2b pricing and supply chain logics are taken care of in the backend.

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You sales staff can take orders from customers

Logged in as a sales staff, they can take orders from your customers in the app

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Process Order

Confirm, reject, edit, allot it to different warehouses, all of it can happen with a couple of clicks. Easier if done from the mobile app.

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Manage orders in your whole supply chain

Do you want to manually allot orders to different sellers in your supply chain? Should your sellers be able to control the product prices? Take complete control of the order flow in your supply chain

Deliver Goods
Using third party logistics
Choose the courier & ship

Create shipments of your orders, review the estimated cost and ETA of all major logistics providers and ship using your preferred provider. In mobile app, all these can be done with 6 clicks.

Using own Logistics
Route optimize, assign & ship

Create shipments of your orders, we tell you the most optimal routes to deliver these shipments. Assign each route to one of your delivery staff. They can login to their app and see the assigned route, navigate to customer locations, deliver the goods and collect proof of delivery if needed.

Analysis & CRM

Chat with all your customers. Share products and offers with them in chat, answer their queries. All your business chat in one place.

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All your customer relationship metrics in one place. High value customers, churned customers, Most frequent buyers etc. With the inbuilt chat, you can reach out to them too.

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics of your business metrics. Slice and dice all your business data to any granularity according to your needs. Built using Druid and Superset.